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Human resources and professional skills in Tunisia

Human resources and human skills in Tunisia

Since independence, Tunisia gave top priority to the education and  the training of human resources.
The right to education, gender equity, access to knowledge for all social classes, modernization of education and consolidation of achievements are the foundation of Tunisia’s educational policy. 

A continuous effort for the access to knowledge

Tunisia is so committed to enhance learning that about 7% of the GDP is devoted to education; School enrolment  rate exceeded 97% for children between the age of 6 and 12. Today, the number of university students has been multiplied by eight, from 37,000 in 1986 to 315,000 in 2013. The total annual number of graduates from Tunisian universities is more than 69,000 and about 15,000 of Tunisian students are currently enrolled in prestigious universities and higher education institutions abroad, particularly in the United States, Canada, France and Germany.

Rapid assimilation of technological progress

Through the Vocational Aptitude Insertion Fund (FIAP) the State finances training tunisians managers and upgrading programs of computer science and English language for the benefit of university graduates.

The current educational system prepares pupils to be at least trilingual (Arabic, French and English), in addition the computerization tends to become widespread, allowing the young tunisians graduates to be in line with the new information and communication technology.

Numerous technological institutes were created so as to increase the number of professionals with a thorough knowledge of the different new technologies and to fit training programs to the needs of the country.

Research and technical centres were set up for almost all the sectors of industry such as textile, telecommunications, food...

Moreover, the number of experts and consulting firrms in the field of quality and certification, capacity development in engineering and studies is steadily increasing.
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Last update: 3/25/2015