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Welcome to the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation website

Identifying, selecting and appointing Tunisian professionals and experts to work abroad according to the needs of neighbouring and partner countries, regional and international organizations

Appointing professionals to work abroad represents one of the main activities of the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation.This process is made up of four steps, which follow the preparation of available competent candidates in each field of specialization and eligible for technical cooperation. These professionals are mainly from the Tunisian Administration, universities, public and private companies.
The Agency has more than forty years of experience in this field. The number of professionals working in developing countries and international organizations has increased from 1,000 in 1980 to about 16,000 at present.
They work mainly in the sectors of education, higher education, health, agriculture and petroleum. The number of engineers and technicians in the fields of electricity, mechanics, computer science and IT is also significant.
Furthermore, four steps related to the appointment process are the following:

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Last update: 3/25/2015