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Training in Tunisia

Vocational training in Tunisia

Vocational training in Tunisia is ensured and organised both by the public and private sectors:
  • Public operators:
    • the Tunisian Vocational Training Agency (ATFP) which is in charge of the supervision of vocational training centres.
    • the technical ministries through their Technical Training Centres that come within their scope (agriculture, tourism…).
  • Private operators:
    • Private vocational training institutions certified by the Ministry of Vocational Training and Emplyment.

A presence throughout the territory

A network of approximately 136 public vocational training facilities is established throughout all the territory offering for the most part the possibility of accommodation and catering.

Modes and areas of training in Tunisia

Within the framework of a quality based approach, vocational training activities are diversifying in order to develop different modes of training namely:

  • Basic vocational training
  • Tailor-made training
  • Ongoing training with the support of the CNFCPP “Centre National de Formation Continue et de Promotion Professionnelle”

More than 193 areas of specialisation are offered in virtually all sectors of the economy: 

  • Building, public works (wood, air-conditioning …)
  • Textile and clothing
  • Leather and footwear
  • General Mechanics and metallic construction
  • Electricity and electronics
  • Administrative functions
  • Transport , driving and maintenance of public works and agriculture vehicles
  • Tourism and hospitality business
  • Handicrafts and technical professions
  • Food industries
  • Services and multiple industries
  • Agriculture…
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Last update: 3/25/2015