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Welcome to the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation website

Tailor-made training program

The ATCT receives various specific requests for individual and collective training from countries and specialized agencies (World Bank, UNDP, UNESCO, UNOPS, IDB, JICA, CIDA, OIF, AFD…).
This type of training is designed to meet the different needs of the beneficiary countries and aims at allowing candidates to acquire skills pertaining to their work positions and responsibilities.
To this end, the ATCT defines a training program that fits with the candidates experience, their language skills, the objectives of the requested training and duties to which they will be assigned upon returning home.
Within this framework, the ATCT has organized different training programs particularly in the following fields:

    • management of academic institutions,
    • health and labour safety,
    • management of technical cooperation,
    • integrated rural development,
    • education,
    • management of maritime loans,
    • currency protection and conservation,
    • promotion of private investment and management of foreign debt.
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Last update: 3/25/2015