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Welcome to the Tunisian Agency for Technical Cooperation website

Registration requirements

  • You must have the Tunisian Nationality;
  • You must have the baccalaureate diploma or the Professional Technician Certificate (BTP),
  • You must have a proven professional qualification,
  • You must have a professional experience of two years confirmed by an appropriate work certificate (holders of a university degree shall be exempted from this requirement).

Application file requirements

  • Applcation form (PDF)  - duly and completely filled out- availlable on line or at the ATCT counters - (required),
  • Copy of the national identity card (optional), the number is required,
  • Curriculum vitae in English and Arabic - on electronic support, in Word format and not in a scanned image format - it is required to describe in the CV the job most recently held and to supply information on your professional experience as well as the names and dates of diplomas (required),
  • CV in French - on electronic support, in Word format and not in a scanned image format (optional),
  • Copies of diplomas, degrees (optional)
  • Copies of employment certificates (optional)
  • Copy of a certificate of additional training in English language (optional),
  • Passport-size photograph (optional)
  • Copy of the passport (optional),
  • Stamped envelopes (optional).

The application file is a simple request and does not represent a recruitment agreement; thus you shall refrain from abandoning your current employment or giving up any of your benefits as long as the ATCT has not notified you in writing that your candidacy has been accepted and that your public employer has approved your secondment application.

Registration in the ATCT database offers a better opportunity of participation in job offers whose closing dates are very short. Candidates assessed as satisfying the requirements of job offers will be contacted directly for a possible participation.

Selection criteria

  • You must meet offer requirements;
  • For certain sectors, you must obtain a prior authorization from your employer (ministries of education and training, defense, interior, youth, sports and physical education…);
  • For public health nurses, to have the baccalaureat diploma and completed three years of training in a recognized nursing school and be under the age of 45.
  • You must respect registration deadlines;
  • You must have your application file complete when applying for a job.

Candidates who work in the public sector, once recruited to work abroad, will be put on secondment to the Agency and will have the right to:

  • Return to their former work positions at the end of their mission within the framework of technical cooperation,
  • Have their family members benefit from the social security system to which they are affiliated,
  • Validate their working years within the framework of technical cooperation at retirement.

The Administration shall delete from the candidate database files which are not updated within a period of two years following the date of registration.

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Last update: 3/25/2015